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D & H College

“I am Alireza, and I am writing to share my exceptional experience with TESOL 150 at D&H College. The lessons were not only organized and purposeful but also immensely beneficial. Dr. Nazari’s constructive feedback played a pivotal role in helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses in teaching. Now, with a heightened sense of confidence after completing this course, I possess the knowledge to effectively structure my lesson plans, ensuring maximum learning in my classes while prioritizing my students’ satisfaction. As an added note, I am pleased to share that after graduating from this course, I have secured a position as a faculty member at LaSalle College, a testament to the quality of education and preparation I received at D&H College.”


It’s a great honor to share my experience of the course here. I thought I had taken many classes, so I should grasp the TESOL course freely. However, I need to master much more skills as an ESL teacher when taking the course of TESOL. The design of a lesson plan, actually, is supposed to be deliberated for many times. In addition to the lesson plan, the students’ learning behaviors and methods should be observed and analyzed all the time. What impressed me most is taking an observation lesson given by Professor Mostafa. He utilizes proper metaphors in class to make the complicated concepts easy to understand. Meanwhile, I have had a good knowledge of some concepts in class. All in all, I was always in a tense paces during the half year (because I often rush for assignments, haha) but it is of great significance to me. It is of great benefit to my present teaching and upcoming teaching career.

Elina Yan

this is Jenny, from China. It’s my honor to have this chance to be a member of this course. Although I’ve been an English teacher in primary school in China for twenty years, I know the teaching skills and knowledge are not enough. Since I’ve started my learning in TESL, it’s really a big challenge for me. But I’ve met an excellent tutor, gave me encouragement, help me have confidence in learning. The course is well designed, from the shallower to the deeper. What impresses me most is the observation of a line class, I’ve learned a lot from that lesson. I hope I can be a good teacher as my tutor, I will keep learning English, keep learning how to teach different people, for I love this job–An English teacher.

Jenny Xu

My experience learning and completing the TESOL 150 course with Mostafa Nazari for D & H College was nonetheless stimulating and educational. The experience from beginning to end was seamless, the curriculum and syllabus came with great explanation and direction and was delivered with enthusiasm at a great learning pace. Throughout, the support and communication with our teacher and the College was always on hand. The observation and practicum experience taught me a lot and was a great stepping stone into the world of teaching English.


Although I had a master degree in English Language Teaching, I found D&H college TESOL 300 program and in particular, the practicum under Mostafa’s observation, a great help to reinvigorate my knowledge and experience. Also, the quality guidance provided assists you remarkably to commence your teaching in Canada or overseas confidently.


It has been an amazing learning experience in the past 6 months and very challenge as well. I find my passion on language teaching and learning again,especially with the help and support from my tutor, Dr. Mostafa Nazari, who always have various methods to activate students’ potential, interest and persistence. It’s grateful and inspiring that all the people are trying their best to extend efforts to achieve the goal or help other’s to attain the goal. Again, thanks all of yours support and encouragement from my tutor, my classmates and staffs from college

Lisa Li

This course taught me a lot and I greatly enjoyed my time learning everything D&H college had to offer. The curriculum was thorough and extensive; I was always reassured that the material was up to date and relevant to my future. I also appreciated the support of my instructor who made my practicum experience as best as it could be.

Tianna Liang

I really enjoy the materials, and syllabus D&H college provides for TESOL courses. Materials included all the skills, not only four major skills but also other things like how to manage classes, how to inspire students, and how to write the best lesson plan. Teachers in this course were great in explaining lessons and in supporting me during my learning time and also in observation and practicum. The observation time was super helpful, and I got some ideas and used them in my practicum. My experience of teaching was amazing. I was a teacher before, but this one is really different because I could use most of the information I had learned in D&H college in my teaching time as I felt it was organized and more beneficial for students. I appreciate D&H College and my teachers providing this amassing course.

Zara Nikkhah