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Dear Students, Faculty, and Friends of D&H College,

It is with great joy that I extend a warm welcome to each of you as your President at D&H College. I am honored to lead an institution that stands as a beacon of educational excellence, and I am excited about the journey we are embarking on together.

My educational voyage began with a master’s degree in Economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. This laid the foundation for my extensive career, where I served as Vice Principal and later as Principal of a distinguished Middle School for nearly two decades. The school’s growth into a prominent education group, recognized both locally and nationally, remains a testament to our collective dedication.

My commitment to advancing education took me across borders as I represented China in international studies on advanced education systems. This invaluable experience led to the founding of D & J Education Consulting Inc. and the Canadian Youth Leadership Training Centre upon my immigration to Canada. The culmination of these experiences and insights resulted in the establishment of D & H College.

Our institution offers a range of programs designed to meet the highest standards of educational excellence. From a TESOL diploma program to ESL English training, our courses are a reflection of my commitment to providing a transformative learning experience.

I am particularly proud to introduce teacher training programs that embody my dedication to educational leadership. Our TESOL programs—TESOL 150, TESOL 300, and Postgraduate TESL Diploma—are carefully crafted to empower aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of language teaching. Additionally, our ESL programs offer a rich language-learning experience for students from diverse backgrounds.

Welcome to D&H College, where innovation meets tradition, and education transforms lives.


Leah Ding