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Embark on your academic journey in the heart of Vancouver, consistently recognized as one of the world’s most desirable cities. Located in vibrant Richmond, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, our campus offers tranquility fused with the dynamic energy of the city center.

Experience an unbeatable lifestyle with mild, year-round weather. Envision hiking the North Shore mountains, kayaking at English Bay, or savoring local delights at a nearby brewpub. Vancouver caters to outdoor enthusiasts, cultural explorers, and food connoisseurs alike. Your adventure awaits at D&H College – where education meets the extraordinary in the heart of British Columbia!

City Highlights:
  • Youth-Friendly Workplace: Vancouver has earned the title of the best Canadian city for young people to work in, offering a dynamic and inclusive job market.
  • Global Recognition: Consistently ranked as one of the world’s top five most livable cities, Vancouver boasts a thriving international community.
  • Startup Hub: Vancouver stands tall among the top 20 startup ecosystems globally, fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Diverse Student Community: With over 100,000 international students, Vancouver is a melting pot of cultures, creating a global and vibrant learning environment.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Revel in the diversity of Vancouver through more than 40 cultural festivals each year, showcasing arts, traditions, and the richness of the global tapestry.
  • Sustainability Leader: Vancouver is committed to sustainability, ranking among the top five most sustainable cities in the world. The city aims to become the greenest by 2030.

Explore the captivating blend of natural wonders and urban comforts in Vancouver at D&H College. Marvel at stunning landscapes, from majestic mountains to the Pacific Ocean, offering a unique lifestyle with beach mornings and snow sports within 30 minutes. With 90% public transportation coverage within a 5-minute walk, your journey at D&H College is a seamless exploration of culture, adventure, and personal growth in the vibrant tapestry of Vancouver.