The D&H College TESOL 150 Certificate program provides students with fundamental understanding of ESL teaching methods that assists in the development of practical teaching abilities. This online program has 4 modules and 15 chapters. Candidates learn to create learner-centered lessons, manage classes and evaluate students. In the online module, the practicum is mandatory and is composed of 10 hours of real-classroom observation and 20 hours of  practice teaching. Finally, this program is accredited by TESL Canada as standard I.

Get the certification to teach in Canada and abroad

Top 10 features

  • An international certificate with transcript
  • Accreditation by TESL Canada
  • Online, mobile, printable course delivery
  • Video communication with your instructor or supervisor
  • Qualified TESL Canada teacher trainers and supervisors
  • Interactive materials (video lessons, text/video chat)
  • Recruitment opportunities all over the world
  • Both supervised and distant systems for the practicum
  • The program contains 15 projects (11 tasks, 4 assignments)
  • Graduates qualify to apply for TESL Canada professional certificate.


Learning Objectives

  • Through an understanding of the theory and practice of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, become a competent ESL / EFL teacher for both the Canadian and overseas educational contexts.
  • Develop a personal teaching methodology based on an understanding of the history of language teaching, as well as one’s own inter-personal abilities and personality characteristics
  • Assemble effective, learner-centered language lessons
  • Employ learner-centered classroom practice
  • Assemble lessons to teach each of the language skills effectively
  • Assemble lessons to teach the language systems effectively
  • Design effective summative assessments for learners
  • Use formative assessment effectively in the classroom
  • Use traditional, electronic and new media in the teaching of language
  • Develop an understanding of the ESL teaching job market domestically and overseas and how to participate in it successfully

Our Program includes

  • Teaching Language Skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Classroom management: All the factors that have to be taken into consideration to effectively teach in a classroom, such as lesson pace and timing, use of resources, use of the classroom environment etc.
  • Lesson planning: How to effectively plan lessons to maximize student learning
  • Conversational teaching: The skills and strategies to become an effective conversational teacher.
  • Teaching methodologies: A review of past methodologies which lead to understanding of the most recognized methodology today; CLT.
  • Grammar: An introduction to the grammar of the English language.
  • Information on teaching: Young and teenage learners as well as adults.
  • IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC: The opportunity to learn about these important tests & how to teach them.
 Course Outline

TESOL 150 Certificate is approved by TESL Canada (standard 1). Students with this recognized certificate could teach both in Canada and other countries around the world. https://www.tesl.ca/

The nature of this online TESOL program is to encourage the candidates to work on the material at their own pace. The minimum required time to complete TESOL 150 is 2 months. The maximum time permitted for this program is 6 months. Candidates should send their study extension request to their instructors directly upon the need.


Domestic Candidates: Tuition fee: CAD$ 1950 + CAD$ 50 (Application fee) + Practicum Fee CAD$300 = $2300

Overseas Candidates: Tuition fee: CAD$ 2950 + CAD$50 (Application fee) + Practicum Fee CAD$300 = $3300

CAD: Canadian Dollar

Learning System

D&H College uses the Schoology system for education. More…

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