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Certificate Program


Unlock Your Potential in ESL Teaching

Welcome to the TESOL 150 Certificate program at D&H College, where we empower aspiring educators to become confident and effective English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. Our comprehensive online program, accredited by TESL Canada as standard I, offers a dynamic learning experience with a focus on both theory and practical teaching skills.

  1. Modules and Structure
  • Seven short-length courses covering essential aspects of ESL teaching.
  • In-depth exploration of modern teaching practices and learner language acquisition.
  1. Practical Experience
  • 10 hours of real-classroom observation.
  • 20 hours of actual teaching or practicum.
  1. Accreditation and Recognition
  • TESL Canada accreditation (Standard I).
  • International certificate with transcript.
  1. Unique Features
  • Online, mobile, and printable course delivery.
  • Video communication (Zoom) with qualified TESOL teacher trainers and supervisors.
  • Interactive materials, recruitment opportunities worldwide, and financial aid & scholarships.
  1. Teaching Language Skills
    • Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.
  2. Classroom Management
    • Effective teaching in a classroom, including lesson pace, timing, and use of resources.
  3. Lesson Planning
    • Maximizing student learning through effective lesson planning.
  4. Conversational Teaching
    • Developing skills and strategies for effective conversational teaching.
  5. Teaching Methodologies
    • Understanding past methodologies leading to Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).
  6. Grammar
    • Introduction to the grammar of the English language.
  7. Information on Teaching
    • Strategies for teaching young and teenage learners as well as adults.
    • Understanding and teaching these important language proficiency tests.
  • Develop competence as an ESL/EFL teacher for both Canadian and overseas contexts.
  • Create a personal teaching methodology based on language teaching history and interpersonal abilities.
  • Assemble effective, learner-centered language lessons and assessments.
  • Utilize traditional, electronic, and new media in language teaching.
  • Gain insights into the ESL teaching job market domestically and overseas.
  • Completion of Canadian senior matriculation or equivalent.
  • Proof of English proficiency through recognized standards or tests.
  • English proficiency scores must be earned within the last two calendar years.

The TESOL certificate program offers a comprehensive exploration of English language teaching, covering fundamentals, lesson planning, language components, skills, assessment methods, and digital resources for effective ESL instruction. Here are the seven courses. 


Course Code

Course Title 



TESOL Fundamentals 

  • An introduction on TESOL
  • Different Ages of learners
  • Proficiency Levels and Learning Styles
  • Approaches to Language Teaching
  • Classroom Techniques and Management


Lesson Planning

  • Interactive ESL Lesson Plans
  • Diverse Learners: Differentiation in ESL Lesson Planning
  • Real-Life Application in ESL Lesson Plans
  • Leveraging AI in ESL Lesson Planning


Teaching Language Components 

  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Grammar
  • English Phonology (Teaching Pronunciation)


Teaching Receptive Skills

  • Receptive Skills (Teaching Listening)
  • Receptive Skills (Teaching Reading)


Teaching Productive Skills

  • Productive Skills (Teaching Speaking)
  • Productive Skills (Teaching Writing)


Assessment and Testing

  • Innovative Assessment Methods in ESL
  • Best Practices in ESL Test Design


Materials and Resources

  • Digital ESL Resources and Online Platforms
  • Culturally ESL Responsive Materials

This program is tailored for individuals seeking employment as ESL/ESOL/EFL/EAL teachers, both domestically and overseas.

Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled ESL teacher with the TESOL 150 Certificate program at D&H College. Apply today and open doors to a world of teaching opportunities!

The nature of this online TESOL program is to encourage candidates to work at their own pace. The minimum required time to complete TESOL 150 is 2 months, with a maximum of 6 months. Candidates may request study extensions directly from their instructors, as needed.

  • Domestic Candidates: Tuition fee: CAD$ 1950 + CAD$ 50 (Application fee) + Practicum Fee CAD$300 = $2300
  • Overseas Candidates: Tuition fee: CAD$ 2950 + CAD$ 100 (Application fee) + Practicum Fee CAD$300 = $3350

CAD: Canadian Dollar

D&H College utilizes Moodle for education, providing a user-friendly and interactive platform for an enriched learning experience.

Explore the comprehensive details of the TESOL 150 Certificate program by downloading our informative brochure and detailed syllabus.