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D&H College


D&H College is dedicated to fostering a learning and working environment that reflects values such as encouragement, free inquiry, integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, recognition of achievement, and social responsibility. Our college community upholds principles of diversity, civility, and individual safety.

Policy Development and Application:

D&H College formulates policies to govern essential matters, outlining practices and expected behaviors. These policies have a wide-ranging application across the college and are designed to:

  • Promote operational efficiencies
  • Enhance the College mission
  • Ensure coordinated compliance with laws and regulations
  • Mitigate institutional risk

Policies undergo regular development, review, and modification to address evolving campus needs.

Centralized Policy Resource:

This website serves as a centralized repository for currently effective policies approved by the Board of Governors, Education Council, or Administration. It acts as a convenient reference point for all members of the D&H College community.

Records Management and Privacy:

The Records Management and Privacy department is the central custodian of policies, responsible for updating and maintaining the official policy manual.

Academic Integrity Policies:

D&H College holds academic integrity in high regard. Our policies address violations, such as plagiarism and cheating, with clear disciplinary actions outlined to maintain the academic standards of our institution.

For any inquiries or to obtain a copy of a policy not available on the website, please contact our Policy Officer at [email protected]. Our commitment to transparency and adherence to policies ensures a conducive and respectful environment for all members of the D&H College community.