The D & H College TESOL 300 Diploma program provides students with a thorough understanding of ESL teaching methods that assists in the development of practical teaching abilities. This program teaches students not only how to teach but the reasoning and theory behind both the modern, accepted classroom practices of English as a Second Language teaching and learner language acquisition. Candidates learn to create learner-centered lessons, manage classes and evaluate students. With a 50-hour supervised practicum component, including 20 supervised practice teaching hours of actual English classes and 30 hours of guided observation of an experienced ESL teacher, trainees gain genuine insight into the classroom experience of both teachers and learner.Finally, this program is accredited by TESL Canada as standard II.

TESOL 300 Diploma

Career Occupation:
This course is for those intending to find employment domestically or overseas as teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) / English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) / English as a Foreign Language (EFL) / English as an Additional Language (EAL).

In order to obtain TESL Professional Standard One, the applicant must meet below requirements:
University degree + 100 hrs. (Methodology and theory) and a minimum of 20 hrs. in a supervised adult ESL/EFL classroom practicum.
In order to obtain TESL Professional Standard Two, the applicant must meet below requirements:
University degree + 250 hours (methodology and theory) and a minimum of 50 hours in a supervised adult ESL/EFL classroom practicum (30 hours of observation + 20 hours of teaching)
For English requirements for TESL Canada Certification is available at

Admission Requirements:
A.Completion of Canadian senior matriculation or the equivalent.
B.All applicants must present proof of English proficiency.
One of the following English proficiency standards must be met:
1.TOEFL iBT: a score of 88 overall with a minimum of 22 in each area
2.IELTS: 6.5 overall with a minimum score of 6.0 in each skill area
3.Cambridge: FCE – A, CAE, CPE or BEC Higher certificates
4.CanTest: Listening, Reading, Writing 4.5 and Speaking 4.5
5.Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test: CLB 6 in each area
6.Common European Framework: B2
7.D & H College English Proficiency Exam Level 5

8.High school graduation in Canada with a grade of 70% in English 12
9.An undergraduate degree from an English-speaking university
*Exam scores presented as proof of English proficiency must have been earned no more than one calendar year before application to the TESL program.
*Original documents must be provided as proof of graduation or English proficiency.

Learning Objectives:
1.Through an understanding of the theory and practice of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, become a competent ESL / EFL teacher for both the Canadian and overseas educational contexts
2.Develop a personal teaching methodology based on an understanding of the history of language teaching, as well as one’s own interpersonal abilities and personality characteristics
3.Assemble effectively, learner-centered language lessons
4.Employ learner-centered classroom practice
5.Assemble lessons to teach each of the language skills effectively
6.Assemble lessons to teach the language systems effectively
7.Design effective summative assessments for learners
8.Use formative assessment effectively in the classroom
9.Use traditional, electronic and new media in the teaching of language
10.Develop an understanding of the ESL teaching job market domestically and overseas and how to participate in it successfully

Methods of Evaluation:
The Final Grade for each course is determined on the following basis:

Class Participation10%
Quiz and Class Test20%
Assignment /Case Studies20%
Peer Teaching Assignments20%
Practicum Observation Assignments10%
Practicum Teaching Assignments20%

A mark of 64% is required to pass each assessment, Practicum Observation task or Practice Teaching Assignment.
A mark of 64% is required to pass each module.
The final program grade for the program is an average of the course grades for the three program courses, TESL 301, TESL 301and TESL 303.

D & H College uses the following grading system:
A+ 90 – 100%
A ( Excellent) 85 – 89%
A- 80 – 84%
B+ 76 – 79%
B (Good) 72 – 75%
B- 68 – 71%
C+ 64 – 67%
C (Average) 60 – 63%
C- 55 – 59%
D 50 – 54%
F (Fail) 0 – 49%
W (Withdrawal)
I (Incomplete)


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