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Diploma Program


Transformative Horizons in ESL Education

Welcome to the TESOL 300 Certificate program at D&H College, designed to elevate ESL teaching skills to new heights. This accredited online program, recognized by TESL Canada for Standard 2, blends advanced theory with practical strategies. Explore cutting-edge topics like Cognitive Factors in Language Acquisition, Dynamic Classroom Techniques, and innovative intersections of technology in ESL teaching. Join us on this transformative journey and enhance your impact as an ESL educator.

  1. Modules and Structure
  • Ten intensive courses covering essential aspects of ESL teaching (TESOL 201-210).
  • In-depth exploration of modern teaching practices and learner language acquisition.
  1. Practical Experience
  • 20 hours of real-classroom observation.
  • 30 hours of actual teaching or practicum.
  1. Accreditation and Recognition
  • TESL Canada accreditation (Standard 2).
  • International certificate with transcript.
  1. Unique Features
  • Online, mobile, and printable course delivery.
  • Video communication (Zoom) with qualified TESOL teacher trainers and supervisors.
  • Interactive materials, recruitment opportunities worldwide, and financial aid & scholarships.
  1. Advanced Language Components
  2. Progressive Receptive Skills
  3. Elevated Productive Skills
  4. Cutting-edge Assessment and Testing
  5. Beyond Basic Materials and Resources
  6. Technology Integration in ESL Teaching
  7. Inclusive Practices for Special Classes
  8. Advanced International Exam Strategies
  9. Cognitive Factors in Language Acquisition
  10. Dynamic Classroom Techniques and Advanced Management
  • Achieve advanced proficiency in teaching vocabulary and grammar using innovative approaches.
  • Develop advanced strategies for teaching listening comprehension and complex text decoding.
  • Cultivate expertise in teaching advanced speaking skills and strategies for advanced writing.
  • Implement innovative ESL assessment approaches, designing comprehensive tests following best practices.
  • Effectively integrate advanced digital ESL resources and culturally responsive materials into lessons.
  • Use digital tools, virtual language immersion programs, and AI-assisted language learning for enhanced ESL instruction.
  • Implement inclusive practices for diverse learners, including teaching English to young learners and tailoring ESL for adults with special needs.
  • Completion of Canadian senior matriculation or equivalent.
  • Proof of English proficiency through recognized standards or tests.
  • English proficiency scores must be earned within the last two calendar years.

Covering cognitive factors, innovative approaches, AI integration, and specialized skills like inclusive teaching and exam preparation, this program offers a cutting-edge curriculum. Equip yourself with advanced strategies, technologies, and methodologies for diverse ESL teaching roles.


Course Code

Course Title 



TESOL Fundamentals 

• Cognitive and Psychological Factors in Second Language Acquisition

• Analyzing Proficiency Levels: Challenges and Strategies

• Evolving Approaches in Language Teaching: A Critical Review

• Dynamic Classroom Techniques and Advanced Management Strategies


Lesson Planning

• Designing Interactive ESL Lesson Plans: Engaging Activities and Assessments

• Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners: Advanced Strategies in Differentiation

• Real-Life Application in ESL Lesson Plans: Incorporating Authentic Materials

• The Role of AI in ESL Lesson Planning: Integrating Technology for Enhanced Learning


Teaching Language Components 

• Innovative Approaches to Teaching Vocabulary

• Contemporary Perspectives in Teaching Grammar

• Advanced Techniques in English Phonology and Pronunciation Instruction


Teaching Receptive Skills

• Advanced Strategies in Teaching Listening Comprehension

• Decoding Complex Texts: Teaching Advanced Reading Skills


Teaching Productive Skills

• Cultivating Advanced Speaking Skills: Beyond Basic Conversations

• Mastering Writing: Strategies for Advanced Composition


Assessment and Testing

• Beyond Traditional Methods: Exploring Innovative Assessment Approaches in ESL

• Crafting Comprehensive ESL Tests: Best Practices in Test Design


Materials and Resources

• Beyond the Basics: Navigating Advanced Digital ESL Resources and Online Platforms

• Culturally Responsive Materials in ESL: Addressing Complexity and Sensitivity


Technology and ESL Teaching

  • Integrating Digital Tools in ESL Instruction
  • Virtual Language Immersion Programs
  • AI-Assisted Language Learning


Special Classes

  • Inclusive Practices for Diverse Learners
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Tailoring ESL Instruction for Adults with Special Needs


Teaching International Exams (IELTS, CAEL, TOEFL)

  • Strategies for IELTS Preparation
  • CAEL Exam Instructional Approaches
  • TOEFL Teaching Techniques

Upon completing the TESOL 300 Certificate program, graduates can explore a range of career opportunities in ESL teaching. From traditional teaching roles domestically and overseas to specialized positions such as becoming an examiner or invigilator in colleges, this program provides diverse employment options.

The nature of this online TESOL program is to encourage candidates to work at their own pace. The minimum required time to complete TESOL 300 is 3 months, with a maximum of 7 months. Candidates may request study extensions directly from their instructors, as needed.

  • Domestic Candidates: Tuition fee: CAD$ 2950 + CAD$ 50 (Application fee) + Practicum Fee CAD$300 = $3300
  • Overseas Candidates: Tuition fee: CAD$ 3950 + CAD$ 100 (Application fee) + Practicum Fee CAD$300 = $4350

CAD: Canadian Dollar

D&H College utilizes Moodle for education, providing a user-friendly and interactive platform for an enriched learning experience.

Explore the comprehensive details of the TESOL 300 Diploma program by downloading our informative brochure and detailed syllabus.