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and Bursary Opportunities at D&H College

Embark on a journey of educational excellence with D&H College Scholarships and Bursary! We are thrilled to announce two distinct scholarship programs and a bursary opportunity designed to empower aspiring learners.

Discover exciting opportunities with our TESOL Programs Scholarship, offering financial support ranging from $300 to $500 for TESOL 150 and TESOL 300 courses. The application process is straightforward – submit your documents online, and within five business days, receive prompt assessment results.

Scholarship Details:
  • Title: TESOL Programs Scholarship
  • Criteria:
    1. Academic Excellence: Diplomas or previous degrees, with consideration of GPA and transcripts.
    2. Teaching Experience: Any past teaching experience enhances eligibility (official documents required).
    3. Professional Recommendation: A reference letter from a previous employer or instructor.
    4. Your Story Matters: A compelling Letter of Interest (LOI) is a key factor in our assessment.

Upon application, an email confirmation will be sent, and the scholarship amount will be revealed after the completion of our assessment. Seize this opportunity to advance your educational journey with D&H College! Apply now and watch your academic aspirations flourish.

D&H College proudly introduces the Indigenous Scholarship, dedicated to supporting Indigenous individuals in Canada pursuing TESOL programs. Receive a $200 scholarship to fuel your educational journey. Notably, Indigenous students can also apply for our TESOL Scholarships concurrently.

Bursary Opportunity at D&H College

Welcome to the meticulously crafted Bursary program at D&H College, presented by our esteemed Board of Directors. This unique opportunity is open to students from diverse backgrounds who exhibit exceptional academic performance, possess outstanding teaching experience, and demonstrate a profound commitment to teacher training.

  • Enjoy a 50% tuition discount for the TESOL 150 and 300 courses through the D&H College Bursary.

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to promptly contact the Admissions Department, as the availability of the Bursary is limited on an annual basis. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to undergo an interview with the Admissions team and one of our esteemed faculty members.

For further information, please reach out to Damon Li, the TESOL Department Administrator, at [email protected]