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D&H College

ESL Programs

Welcome to our ESL program at D&H College, designed for a comprehensive one-year language learning journey. Our curriculum spans four terms, each lasting 11 weeks, utilizing the esteemed “Interchange” series by Jack C. Richards (5th edition, 2017). The sequential progression of Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced levels in Terms 1, 2, and 3 respectively, followed by “Interchange 3” in Term 4, ensures a continuous advancement through language proficiency.

Newcomer ESL (Elementary) – 3 Months (CEFR A1) Newcomer ESL is tailored for basic users, introducing them to everyday expressions and simple phrases. Students lay the foundation for English communication, engaging in activities focused on basic grammar, conversational practice, and constructing simple sentences. Reading short articles, vocabulary expansion, and insights into Canadian life enrich the learning experience.

ESL Level 1 (Pre-Intermediate) – 3 Months (CEFR A2) ESL Level 1 caters to learners beyond the newcomer stage. Emphasizing language skills consolidation, students delve deeper into English grammar, engage in more complex conversations, and express opinions on familiar subjects. Reading activities extend to short informational articles, aligning learning with the local context in British Columbia.

ESL Level 2 (Intermediate) – 3 Months (CEFR B1) Intermediate ESL targets users adept at understanding and producing text on familiar topics. Students focus on honing language skills to express opinions and descriptions with greater fluency. The curriculum advances grammar proficiency, extends reading comprehension to various topics, and integrates cultural insights, providing a well-rounded language learning experience.

ESL Level 3 (Upper Intermediate) – 3 Months (CEFR B1,2) Upper Intermediate ESL is designed for users capable of producing clear, detailed text with fluency. Students refine language proficiency to express nuanced ideas and engage in sophisticated communication. Advanced grammar structures, diverse reading activities, and continued insights into British Columbian life enrich the learning journey.

Our course aims to develop foundational language skills, progressing through the “Interchange” series. Each term focuses on specific language objectives corresponding to CEFR levels, providing a well-rounded development of listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Our program employs diverse instructional strategies, including Task-Based Learning, Interactive Group Activities, Cultural Immersion, Formative Assessments, Authentic Language Use, Peer Collaboration and Peer Teaching, and Reflective Practices. These strategies create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, ensuring each student can thrive and achieve their language learning objectives.

Our evaluation procedures encompass weekly quizzes, workbook activities, task-based and project-based assessments, midterm exams, and comprehensive final exams. This multifaceted approach provides continuous feedback, enabling students to actively engage in their language learning journey and track their progress.

Our ESL program integrates a diverse array of instructional materials, including the “Interchange” series, workbook activities, an interactive learning platform, library resources, and supplementary texts. This combination ensures a dynamic and well-rounded learning environment, blending traditional and digital resources to cater to diverse student needs.

Our admissions process ensures that every student starts at the right proficiency level. It includes an application process, placement test, submission of identification documents, enrollment agreement, and level placement based on the ESL placement test. Our flexible approach accommodates both newcomers and those aiming to advance their proficiency.