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D & H College

Dr. Mostafa Nazari

Academic Director

Dr. Mostafa Nazari, our Academic Director at D&H College, brings a wealth of expertise with a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics. He has been an official teacher trainer and practicum supervisor accredited by TESL Canada since 2016 and has served on the Board of Directors at The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE). Mostafa has showcased a commitment to advancing education, with a focus on innovative teaching methodologies and cutting-edge syllabus design. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to education, Dr. Nazari was honored with the Sustained Teaching Excellence Award in 2023, further highlighting his dedication to fostering excellence in teaching and learning.

Jennifer R. Spiegel

TESOL Professor

Jennifer Spiegel has enjoyed teaching English language courses in various contexts for over twenty years. In addition to Canada, she taught abroad in colleges and universities in Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. As an experienced online educator, she has developed and delivered courses to professionals in the federal government and corporate sectors.

Jennifer has successfully completed three government recognized post-graduate qualifications: Teacher of English as Second Language, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Master of Arts in English Language Teaching.  She continues to update her knowledge of e-learning, integrated skills, task-based approaches and curriculum development by participating and presenting at various seminars and conferences. She also formally studied and obtained fluency in French and conversational Spanish.

Dr. Leanne Boschman

TESOL Professor

Dr. Leanne Boschman has been a post-secondary educator for over twenty years, engaged in teaching, curriculum development, and scholarly research. She is interested in pedagogical approaches that support many forms of learner diversity and that enable learners to access valuable cultural, linguistic, and literacy resources. With a wealth of experience and a strong background in TESOL programs, Dr. Boschman brings a profound understanding of language education and cross-cultural communication to her role, enriching the academic environment with her expertise in fostering effective language learning experiences.

Dr. Ismaeil Fazel

TESOL Professor

Dr. Ismaeil Fazel is a lecturer at the Faculty of Education of the University of British Columbia as well as a professor of General Studies at Yorkville University in Canada. His main research interests include English for academic and publication purposes, and his scholarship has appeared in numerous book chapters and reputable journals including System, the Journal of English for Academic Purposes, and English for Specific Purposes Journal.

Jeff McCarville

TESOL Professor

Jeff McCarville holds a Master of Education in Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with a major in English from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. For over 30 years, Jeff has taught a diverse array of students from many international backgrounds in secondary, post-secondary and community-based education settings. He is known for his engaging instruction with students and likes to focus on how he can best act as a guiding mentor to students while they are acquiring the global language of English. Besides his love for teaching, Jeff enjoys traveling abroad whenever possible, gardening, long-distance walking, and is an avid fan of inter-collegiate and professional sports.

Alleesha Sydney

TESOL Professor

Alleesha Sydney is a Vancouver native with a passion for lifelong learning, communication, and education. She executed this passion into her work and influenced others to do the same. It was this passion that led her to study education, communications, and business at Simon Fraser University. With a rich background as a highly experienced ESL instructor and having taught TESOL programs, Alleesha brought a wealth of practical knowledge and pedagogical expertise to her role, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for her students.

Dr. Rozeta Bicaku

TESOL Professor

Dr. Biçaku is a very passionate educator and a life-long learner. She has worked as a university professor for about 20 years, and some of the subjects she has taught are: Theory of Education, Teaching Methodologies, Professional Communication, etc. She is currently employed as full-time Faculty at University Canada West, where she teaches Academic English Preparation courses, but her biggest passion remains with teacher training and areas like Curriculum Development, Teaching Methodology, Assessment, Technology and Education, etc.

Dr. Puyan Taheri

TESOL Professor

Puyan Taheri teaches Technical Communication for the graduate programs. He is a seasoned and dedicated professional in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Applied Linguistics. He received his PhD in TEFL in 2014 from The University of Tehran, a renowned university in Iran. He obtained his TESOL Advanced Diploma in 2022 in Canada. With a rich academic background and 21 years of hands-on teaching experience, Dr. Taheri has made significant contributions to the education sector, leaving an indelible mark on both national and international platforms. He has published several papers in highly indexed journals and presented lectures in many international conferences. He has also written 5 EAP books that are taught at universities in Iran.