tesol instructors

Mostafa Nazari

Mostafa Nazari is a PhD Candidate in TESL with more than 12 years of teaching experience in ESL, EAP, and ESP settings. His interest is in teacher training with the focus on pre-service and in-service teachers. Lesson planning, teaching vocabulary and reading, teaching methodology, and material development are his specialty. He is an accredited TESOL teacher trainer and practicum supervisor from TESL Canada.

Dr. Leanne Boschman

Dr. Leanne Boschman has been a post-secondary educator for over twenty years, involved in teaching, curriculum development, and scholarly research. She is interested in pedagogical approaches that support many forms of learner diversity and that enable learners to access valuable cultural, linguistic, and literacy resources.


Alleesha Sydney is a Vancouver native with a passion for life long learning, communication and education. She executes this passion into her work and influences others to do the same. It is this passion that led her to study education, communications and business at Simon Fraser University.


Leah Ding /Director

Ms. Leah Ding, graduated with a master’s degree in Economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, after first obtaining a BA from the same institution. After graduation, Ms. Ding worked at a Middle School in Shanghai. During that time, she served as Administrative Director, Academic Director, and Student Office Director. She was appointed Vice Principal when she was 27 years old, and became Principal a few years later. Ms. Ding worked at that Middle School for eighteen-and-a-half years. After years of hard work by Ms. Ding, the School grew to become a sizable education group becoming the most outstanding Middle School in the district, the city, and eventually, the country. After it became a member of the WTO, China sent experts overseas to research advanced education systems worldwide, and Ms. Ding was chosen to be one of them. Her first time studying abroad, Ms. Ding was sent to the University in Germany for half a year, and later to Russia. After that, she was sent to the USA, based at the University of Maryland, to study the American educational system. Subsequently, she was sent to Canada for two years, during which she went to the University of Alberta, and University of British Columbia to research the local educational systems. After immigrating to Canada, Ms. Ding established D & J Education Consulting Inc. and the Canadian Youth Leadership Training Centre, devoted to designing educational pathways for high school students and to leadership training, respectively. After years of study, research, and thought, Ms. Ding has distilled and applied a set of highly effective practices that leading universities use to recruit students, including her own original conceptualization, referred as the Five Certificates Theory. In recent years, Ms. Ding established D & H College, an education and training institute, the course offerings of which include a TESOL diploma program, and ESL English training.

Frank Huang/Principal

Frank Huang, graduated with a master’s degree of Business Administration from École Supérieure de Gestion (PSB Paris School of Business), after obtaining a bachelor of history degree from Jinan University. He is a professional administrator with over 30 years experience in administration and management as well as a senior journalist and recipient of the Jack Webster’s Award, excellence in British Columbia Journalism. He worked at Jinan University and China Travel Service Holdings (HongKong). After moving to Canada, he worked with Global Chinese Press as the Editor-in-chief, and he was the founder of New Leaf Weekly and the Canadian Youth Leadership Training Centre, he was the Publisher and Editor-in-chief of “Canada Education Guide”.

Cathy Zhao Office Administrator

Cathy Zhao, has a bachelor degree in English Linguistics and Literature from Central China Normal University and a master degree in English Language Teaching from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has 10 years extensive International Education Program experience in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada and USA. She worked at Kunming University of Science and Technology (Kunming, China) as the Admission Coordinator / Advisor of International Education Programs, and MingDao University (Taiwan), Liaison Office in Americas (Vancouver, BC) as a Program Manager for International Education. She is a platinum English Language Teacher, and has taught language for many years.
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